SOLO [selected]  
2018 - B - A - R - Vancouver Arts Centre , Albany 
2018  B H P M [with Bevan Honey] Art Collective WA, Perth WA
2017 Hombre 100 [with John Briggs] KentRiver Studio, Kentdale WA
2016 New Paintings [with Andre Lipscombe] Art Collective WA Subiaco WA.
2015 Counterforce [with Miik Green + Merrick Belyea] Linton + Kay Galleries Perth WA.
2014 par -ti -tion free range GALLERY, Perth
2013 P A R T I T I O N Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, BUNBURY
2012 Recent Paintings 2011 – 2012 Gallery East, North Fremantle
2012 Indian Plonk [with Jillian Green + Tessa Moncrieff]  Off the Kerb Gallery, Collingwood Melbourne
2010 T A N G E N T Gallery East, North Fremantle
2008 Plot Ratio Gorepani Gallery, Albany
2006 Flock Gallery East, North Fremantle
2004 Fresh Fish Gallery East, North Fremantle

ONE OFF PROJECTS [selected] 

2022 SWAN [South West Artists now] Bunbury regional Arts Gallery, Bunbury
 2019  Bunbury Biennale   Bunbury Regional Arts Gallery, Bunbury
 2018  SWAN [South West Artists now]  Bunbury Regional Arts Gallery, Bunbury
 2017  SCULPTURE AT BATHERS  Bunbury Regional Arts Gallery, Bunbury
 2016  City of Albany Art Prize  Albany Town Hall, Albany WA.
 2016 'South West Artists Now' [SWAN]  Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Bunbury.
 2016  MIX artists PIAF Exhibition  Albany,Town Hall, Albany WA.
 2015  Bunbury Biennale  Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Bunbury 
 2013  City of Albany Art Prize  Town Hall, Albany WA.
 2013  Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Biennale  SCGH precinct, Perth WA.
 2013  Bunbury Biennale,  Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Bunbury.
 2013  Lighthouse, MIX artists PIAF exhibition,  Albany Museum, Albany WA
 2012  ten[T], MIX artists PIAF exhibition  Albany Museum, Albany WA.
 2012  Safe Keeping  Perth Town Hall
 2011  Artists for Peace, Moores Building, Fremantle.
 2004  Mine Own Executioner  Mundaring Arts Centre, Perth WA