I purcahsed a 2600 square metre block on the South Coast Highway, Kentdale in early 2006, and early 2007 shifted to the South Coast. I had during 2006 designed the building as two separate entities, similar in look, but one to live in and the other to work from. Ranbuild Albany built the new house and studio, and this was completed to lock up stage in April 2007.  The inside was then completed, lining out the walls and ceilings.

The whole project was driven by my desire to design and build a sustainable house and studio that required little or no maintenance, together with site restraints of block size, necessary fire precautions and of course the budget. Subsequently the building consists of:

  • An open plan living space with over 150sq M of useable space.
  • two separate studios of approximately 55sq. M each.
  • Undercover parking for two vehicles.
  • 130,000 litre rainwater tank.
  • A toilet system that waters the orchard with filtered water, and worms that feast on the pooh.
  • A thriving vegetable patch.
  • A 1.25 KWH solar power collection system on the roof -  our power bills are now negligible.
  • An 85sq.M back shed with all necessary machinery required for  art practice.
  • Clyde and Bonnie the border collie dogs, Jack Black the cat, Harper and Dom Simon the alpacas and Wooly the sheep.

The block is adjacent to a pristine Karri forest, with many opportunities to walk to the nearby Kent River. We are 13KMS from Parry Beach, 16KMS from Peaceful Bay and halfway between Denmark and Walpole.