extract from published catalogue:

par – ti – tion      free range. JUNE 2014.  PAUL MONCRIEFF

Par – ti – tion: The act of parting or dividing, the act of separating into portions and distributing…Webster’s Twentieth Century Dictionary. 

 This exhibition of Moncrieff’s recent work has evolved from his project P A R T I T I O N  held at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries December 2013.The invitation to exhibit at Free Range has enabled the artist to show working maquettes from P A R T I T I O N together with further new related work. Moncrieff’s studio work evolves directly from observed and experienced incidents which metamorphose in the studio [and as a result of playful arrangements of coloured panels] into designed and made art objects. His practice is nonfigurative - formal juxtapositions of shaped and painted plywood surfaces.