FLOCK 2006

Flock, definition...birds, feeding or travelling together [Concise Oxford Dictionary]

This body of work developed through direct and peripheral observation of local suburban birds - magpies, crows and seagulls. I see the bird form as one of the great archetypes, present in the collective consciousness of all community groupings.


"Paul Moncrieff's Flock is a plethora of small works based on the enjoyable act of watching suburban birdlife. As Moncrieff says in his accompanying handout, many of the birds, after some watching, take on individual characters and distinctly human traits.... Moncrieff has been able through very simple means capture each bird's eccentrics. Most works in Flock are based on a simple stencilling of the bird and its most simplified compositions that are successsful in giving our tree-side neighbours their full character." 

VISUAL ARTS. Ric Spencer, West Australian Saturday October 14th 2006.