extract from the catalogue 


 John Briggs + Paul Moncrieff

John and Paul have known one another  for maybe 7 years, both having left a former life in Perth and settled in the Denmark area.

John makes work employing recycled materials gleaned from the Denmark Tip Shop….parts of puzzles, springs, plastic toys and letters, washers, broken gadgets. These have been assembled in a variety of permutations on a 2D archetypal skull, think ‘The Phantom’. Flat, primary - coloured acrylic paint is applied onto these 60 + skulls, and careful consideration of the assembled parts happen, giving sometimes surprising results. John has said : “ I really enjoy re-using everyday, simple objects to create humour and fun art.”

His work has been carefully presented in the Kent River Studio, each work plays off its near neighbour….an overall percussive discussion of colour and shape.

 Paul makes work with very strict interrelated cut and painted plywood shapes. His presentation relies on the composition within each work, but also the sets as formally arranged on the wall. There is due consideration given to each arrangement, and a strict code of limited colour and shape occurs. His work has been described as child-like in its playfulness and [in the past] a synesthesic connection with music has been identified. “I see music in my work”, he chortled recently, during a visit to his studio.

 So why are these two ‘hombres’ showing work together? John would say: “ ‘cause its fun”, and Paul might repeat again…: “ I see music in the work”. Thanks boys, very helpful., I might as well whistle Dixie.

 I do not think it really matters -  the reason why or wherefore. Suffice to say this show is arresting for its playfulness and the simple manipulation of chosen materials. An exhibition to enjoy. 

So long pardners, time to hit the ol art trail.

 Alessandro Alessandroni 

[Western whistler, roving art curator and theorist.]


ps: AA rode into our studios this year, and we subsequently sent him some progressive documentary images. He transmitted this summation of the project from somewhere in the Rio Grande…technology is amazing. JB and PM.