P A R T I T I O N 

This exhibition came about through an invitation from the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries to show work in their large exhibiting space - The Chapel Gallery. The exhibition ran from late November 2013 through to late January 2014. My studio exhibition work in the recent past has been primarily concerned with formal issues of shape, assemblage and colour together with reference to the sited architectural space. The work carries its own sense of interactive connections through the use of intentionally selected colour, repetitive shapes and an overall concern with proportional rules of engagement that guide and set parameters for the work. I welcomed this opportunity to make work specificially for such a large designated space and the brief I set took into account the peculiar and somewhat difficult exhibiting space that exists there.

All work is prefabricated plywood panels, pre-assembled and fixed ready to hang in the space.

David Bromfield review: 'Paul Moncrieff's Amazing Bunbury Paintings', December 2013.

David Bromfield     http://tincanvas.org/