2013 City of Albany Art Prize

 This annual exhibition hosted by the Jack's Family Trust, is the major art event held in Albany. This year there were more than 300 applicants, and 30 works were chosen for the show.

Catalogue entry:

 '4+6+8' Acrylic on assembled plywood panels 150CM X150CM

 " In the past 5 years I have been working almost exclusively with individually painted plywood panels which are assembled in configurations according to self imposed rules. '4+6+8' uses hexagon panels where 2 sides are twice the length of the other 4 sides and when assembled take on a self imposed order. The coloured panels have been selected for their near complimentary values, and the wall space is also an important ingredient of this piece. The constructed formal nature of this work and its resultant visual intrigue is itself the essence of the work."