This exhibition was held at the Moores Building, Fremantle. I was invited to be part of the show, organised by The medical Association for the Prevention of War. At the exhibition symposium, the Australian artist Mike Kelly was amongst the key note speakers. Mike is well known for his long term projects making art for peace at the Peace Museum Guernica, Spain. 

My work was  used for the invitation and also the flyer for the show. 


Artist Statement: 

It constantly amazes me. With all the past theatres of war, that we still can deceive ourselves that it is somehow justified.

This work is my attempt to make sense of this grand deception. The harsh primary, crass side speaks to this cacophony of war, its machinery, soldiers, animals and buildings, a cartoon confusion of wallpaper war toys – deceptively heroic and ultimately lethal.

Can the end ever justify the means? I doubt it, when war is turned into death, destruction and ultimately the leftover cry of the razed earth.